Specialty Stone Products

Classique Stone offers a variety of specialty manufacturing options to achieve the ultimate in truly unique and memorable design outcomes.

Integrated stone sinks are shaped and formed from the stone so the sink is actually a part of the countertop! This makes for an entirely ridge free surface that is the ultimate in sink design.

Fluted Drip Grooves are for undermounted sinks only. The grooves are 12mm wide and can be straight, curved or angled. The grooves are graded with a fall to the sink of approximately 4mm. A practical solution for eliminating water on your bench top.

Rebated Sink & Hotplates. Depending on the manufacturers specification some sinks and hot plates can be rebated flush into your bench top. For a clean minimalist design this looks great.

Integrated Stone Sink at granite benchtop

Integrated Stone Sink

Rebated Sink Detail in kitchen benchtop

Rebated Sink Detail