Granite Supplier Melbourne

Classique Stone is one the premium granite supplier in Melbourne. We are a family owned and run business in stone masonry enduring for three generations now.

Most Granite contains quartz, feldspar and other minerals giving the wide variety of colour and texture. The colours available at Classique Stone are from dark brown to ivory with pinks, blues and greens in between. Every piece of granite has been created by nature and will have different patterns. In the showroom you can experience the full vibrancy of the colours and the individual texture of the granite. This is recommended to ensure that you have a true understanding of the look of your finished item.

For the most productive and qualitative granite suppliers Melbourne, Classique Stone has what it takes to oblige. Quality products, varied popular finishes and skillful masons to accomplish the most unusual marble project tasks. Call us today and schedule a consultation with one of our staff members to get you and your project a step closer to success.

Our Team at Classique stone will guide you from design to purchase to installation, giving you a superior customer service, and the quality finish that you are looking for.